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CEO's Greetings

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  • Daekwang solution "that are the backbone of the national industry continued technology development and excellent customer satisfaction through technical personnel to ensure the economy led goes out." Based on a firm philosophy advocated the banner of Total Solution was established in 1979.

    Meanwhile, a variety of experience in the field on the basis of accumulated technology and factory automation equipment, environmental and industrial equipment, all equipment and logistics support systems, Machinery Exhibition of professional conduct business in each sector, and for the sustainable development of enterprises with technology development and company's competitiveness through human resources to maximize service and perfect products is committed to supply.

    In addition, we always trusted company to our customers, to impress forward-thinking companies to become more sustainable and positive mind in its position as a leading company based technology firm will continue to compaction.

    Until now, you had to send a big thank deeply in love, a better future for the industry-leading technology and quality Daekwang solution promises to be.

    Thank you.

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